“If you tell the truth, you have nothing to remember”-Mark Twain

Strategic Developer and Leader

2013 Work

Robin Hood Camp International Language Program Weeks

In 2013, for the first time in the 85 year history of one of the premier international summer camps in the world, Nolan implemented a weekly language program. The program consisted of weekly presentations of a language of the camp with the entire population in the learning cycle.  The native language speakers of the language (ie Portuguese) were brought together to create a presentation and a poster to the rest of the population. The camp then recited the language as a group, usually 5-7 phrases or sentences and then had a week to practice them. They were charged with seeking out other native speakers to work on meaning and pronounciation. At the end of the week, random campers or staff were chosen to peform the learned language in front of the entire camp.  The program was successful in bonding various types of nationalities together by creating a mutual understanding of the difficulty of being immersed in a second language learning environment and simultaneously giving all native english language speakers a new understanding of what it’s like to speak another language, consistently in a foreign environment. Here are some pictures of the work produced and a video component.

Campers work examples

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