Quality Assurance

The ministry of education or Ministério of Educacão is the governing body of the education system in Brazil. They produce and regulate student assessment, hours of teaching per week, evaluations of teacher performance and university,  both city and federal accreditation and re-accreditation. Additionally, the OECD has come in and done evaluations of state systems in hopes of creating a best practices policy. Below you’ll find further descriptions and links to the tools of quality assurance.

IDEB Results

Please open for results of the state by state assessment

The IDEB is a national assessment of Mathematics and Portuguese. Action is then taken in these forms:

1) Establish policies that foster a systemic approach to education and use funding to the states as incentives for implementing similar policies in their states

2) An IDEB synthetic index to establish standards for each school

3) Publicise scores that show performance levels in each state and school to create public pressure in states and schools that are not improving

4) Identify and publish promising practices that successful states have used and share them with state leaders as possible strategies for improvement

5) Hold meetings with state secretaries of education in low performing states and require improvement plans from their states



SaebA Prova Brasil e o Sistema Nacional de Avaliacao da Educacao Basica (SAEAB) or the National System of Basic Education Evaluation is made for teacher evaluation and is given to insure quality of teaching practices and assessment. For more information (in Portuguese) please access this link



MEC govThe ministry of education has an IES (institutional credential services) department which handles the first process of accreditation of a college or a university. The certification lasts for (3) years, in federal, it’s (5) then all must re-apply for certification. The ministry also has a section that lists all accredited institutions. For more information, please click here

FInally, the OECD (2010), “Executive Summary”, in OECD, Reviews of National Policies for Education: Santa Catarina State, Brazil 2010,. A report that highlighted the best practices of the top performing state in Brazil, Santa Catarina. In 2009, the state devoted 19.3% of it’s revenue to education and the results have been concrete. For more information, please click here

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