Overlapping Sectors

There are more sectors involved with the education system then just the ministry of education. Below you’ll find a chart highlighting the many departments of the system and then some additional parts. These include NGO’s, corporate education initiatives, experimental schools, Bolsa Familia (a welfare program and non formal education. Take a look below for more information


This chart is in Portuguese but shows the breakdown of the Ministry of Education including main secretaries, direct administration, indirect administration, literacy, technology, technical schools, federal universities and even hospitals that give classes on the bottom of the chart


Rocinha Favela where NGO, I2I is located


The NGO, dois irmaos (two brothers), is located inside of the largest Favela in South America, this is just an example of the 100’s of NGO’s scattered throughout Brazil. These organizations focus on bringing an at risk community together through various programs in education. Dois Irmaos prides itself on the quality of its volunteers and programs with adults and their children working together on a mutually beneficial project.




projeto_vale_educacaoVale is the second largest mining company in the world and a major employer in Brazil. They have established various projects around the country that create after school programs for some of the high performing students in public schools. They are fully funded and employed by the corporation with many of the employees carrying out the tasks from an educational background

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 11.26.53 PM


Gente, is one of 28 recently opened experimental schools in Rio De Janeiro. These schools incorporate technology and are government sponsored. As you see in this photo, each participant is given a labtop with various educational software including Eduopedia featuring academic materials with games, videos and tests.






Bolsa Familia is a government program correlated back to education and a major contributor to the increase in school enrollments. The Bolsa Familia serves as a form of welfare to families in need. However, the stipulation is that the monthly payments are made directly through the public school of their children’s enrollment. The payment is only made if the children are in school.



Finally, an example of non formal education in this video

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.09.50 AM

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