Madrid December 2013-Interviews and Experience

December 14-December 31st

My initial journey to Madrid took me from San Francisco to Miami and Miami to Madrid. But when you fly American Airlines, things never go as planned. I was initially re routed to Dallas but only because I’d shown up at the airport early. In Dallas, the flight was delayed an hour and a half. Finally, it arrived in Miami but then hovered waiting for the gate to clear. This hovering cost me my flight in Miami to Madrid. I was then huddled into a line, like a cow going to the slaughter and waited for two additional hours to get meal tickets and a hotel. After another 17 hours, I borded by new flight to Madrid, finally arriving 44 hours after leaving my front door.

The first day consisted of finding my apartment, meeting Daniel, the owner and having some meals with him. I intend to run in plaza espana tomorrow, go to the Reina Sofia and interview Celia,a student here at a university. Buenos Noches

My trip entailed exploring Madrid, Spain, practicing my Spanish, meeting friends and experiencing an authentic Spanish New Year’s celebration, grapes included. I also journeyed to Lisbon, Portugal with stops in Cascais and Sintra. Below are some of the highlights.

Interview video

Here is an interview focusing on the educational system and unemployment issues in Spain. The responses are in Spanish from a current college student but the questions are translated.

Interview written questions and answers

Below are written responses about the educational system and unemployment issues in Spain. The responses are in Spanish by a professor in Spain and in English, translated from the above video interview.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 2.00.18 PM


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