Meet Nolan

“Nothing was, nothing will be, everything has reality and presence” Herman Hesse

2014 Fun Facts!


Please take a look below at some pictures of his journey and at the windows above to get more of a glimpse into his experience both professionally, personally, academically and internationally

Some photos to get you started on your journey to know Nolan.

IMG_2722In 2013, Nolan began a Masters program at The Monterey Institute of International Studies. His pursuits are focused on International Education and Policy. To learn more about his pursuits and coursework at MIIS, please check out his graduate school work page



Bachelor Auction for Diabetes Research

No, this is not a night out on the town. This picture was taken at a Professional Bachelor Auction with proceeds benefiting Type 1 Diabetes research. Nolan raised over $1000 that evening in May 2013




Rio Teaching ClassroomOne of his English classes while he taught in Rio De Janeiro Brazil for three years. These were seniors at his school and all at an advanced level of English language learning. They followed the Cambridge model with these students about to take the CAE in the winter of 2012. For more information on Nolan’s Brazilian experience, please access “Brazilian Experience” page


Golf RH 2

One of his many groups of young international golfers in Maine from 2011-2013, the children would incorporate fitness, mental game and rules learning into their everyday routine. For more information, please reference Nolan’s professional page.



2014PacificGroveDoubleRoadRace5kLegFinish-20806Nolan was involved in helping to write a grant for his class, Grant Writing in International Development at The Monterey Institute of International Studies for Peacock Acres in Salinas, CA. Here’s a picture with some foster children from the organization as they helped administer a local road race.


Golf 2[1]

A team photo from Kimball Union Academy. Nolan has been around golf for more than 25 years. With his current pursuits as an international educator, golf has become something he enjoys recreationally. To learn more about Nolan’s various interests, please take a peak at his personal interests page

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